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Monday, July 16, 2012

Book Review: Coming Out in Faith

Purple Books cannot publish every book for and about LGBT communities, so we support our friends who also do this work. I met Susan Gore at the Expanding the Circle Conference in San Francisco last month and she graciously gave a copy of her book to me. I deeply appreciate that we're beginning to have these conversations around sexuality and spirituality, and Susan's book does it so well. I hope you'll read it.

Coming Out in Faith:
Voices of LGBT Unitarian Universalists
Edited by
Susan Gore and Keith Kron (2011)
Skinner House Books

This wonderful book is a collection of personal stories of LGBT people who are members of the Unitarian Church. By telling the stories of their pasts, they share their experiences, strengths, and hopes for their own futures as well as for all LGBT people. I especially liked that each chapter not only speaks of an individual’s journey but also includes both a current photo and one from when they were young. While the book is the compilation of stories of some Unitarian Universalists people, the messages are universal, uplifting, and incredibly sweet, bringing sexuality, gender identity, and spirituality. Coming Out in Faith includes a very helpful section on language and terminology as well as a glossary and several pages of resources. 

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