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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Writing your book: Helpful Hint

That book is inside of you just begging to be let out! You want to write it but it's hard to find the time, the motivation, the desire to sit down and just do it. I felt that way about my memoir, The Purple Golf Cart. People told me for years that I need to write my story. I tried many times. And then I found my new best friend: the digital tape recorder! I recorded every time I took a walk or did some running or rode my bike to sit on the beach. I talked and talked, not in any order, just about things and people I remembered. After what I thought was enough, I transcribed my tapes into manuscript and printed it out. None of it was in any kind of order, of course, so I began to use scissors to cut chronological pieces and put them together. Once I got the order, I re-read what I had already written which immediately prompted more memories to be added.

So if you find you can't get started writing, try the recorder method. At least the story of your life will be captured. You deserve it.

And when you've finished your manuscript, publish it with Purple Distinctions, the LGBT self-publishing company! Your vision. Your voice. Your way.

Keep writing!

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