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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

First chapters free!

I'm so excited about the books Purple Books is publishing that I decided to share the first chapters of our current completed books. All are available on Amazon and Kindle and most other e-formats.

The Dyke Diagnostic Manual by Mickey Eliason is a tongue-in-cheek book about lesbian relationships. Lesbian communities across the United States are threatened by a growing epidemic of dyke drama. Although often discussed in the lesbian press and in informal gatherings of lesbians, the full impact of dyke drama has not been thoroughly studied until recently. This contemporary research reveals the underlying etiology of this complex and multi-faceted phenomenon. Dyke drama is caused primarily by the presence and interaction of dyke diagnoses which are pathological conditions unique to lesbian individuals and communities. This is the first book dedicated to exploring these dyke diagnoses and ultimately eradicating them, thus reducing the harmful effects of dyke drama. Long live a healthy lesbian community!
The first chapter may be found here

The Mystery of Jessica Benson by C. K. Laurence. Jessica Benson is hot, beautiful, bisexual, and dead. Her life and death intersects the drama of a professional football team and the detectives who are on the case. The book takes place in Miami Beach, Florida. The author, C. K. Laurence, has been a student of crime activity and weaves an exciting story of mystery and intrigue, and creates an unexpected ending to a suspenseful adventure. Ms. Laurence is also a long-time rowdy Miami Dolphins football fan and uses her knowledge of football culture to develop a side-story that rings true in football culture. The book moves quickly from Miami Beach parties to the football field to the murder scene. Look out! The ending is a shocker! 
The first chapter may be found here

Sing, Meadowlark, Sing by Helen Ruth Schwartz. The Great Earthquake created a new island off of the coast of California which became a protected homeland for America's persecuted lesbian and gay citizens. Sing, Meadowlark, Sing intersects fantasy and feminist politics along with tender lesbian love stories. Set in the future, this book recounts the stories of both a young lesbian professional and an older lesbian prime minister of the Isle of Cali, and the challenges of returning to an America that is now officially openly hostile to lesbian and gay people. First chapter may be found here.

I look forward to hearing what you think!

Keep writing!

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